Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wet Paint at the Dock

Short and sweet, but, wow!!  I was blown away at his first painting yesterday morning.  Just barely getting an image out of him!!  I have already placed an order for giclee prints of this one.  It's an 11x14.  Original won't last long in Door County, I'm certain.  Giclee print 11x14 on canvas or archival paper runs $115 if you're interested.  Original size.

Keep those juices flowin' hon!!
"Morning at the Bay"
11 x 14
They turn in 4 paintings at the end of the week to be judged.  He said he painted another boat but I haven't gotten an image out of him yet.  Busy??  WhatEV!!  

I'll keep ya posted!!  

Wowser - I'm still awestruck . . . that's just from my perspective . . . 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Small Painting of a Big Wisconsin Barn!

What a great little painting he knocked out this morning before heading to Door County!  A little 6x8 morning study of a Wisconsin Barn!  They don't have little barns in Wisconsin!!

"Small Painting of a Big Wisconsin Barn"
6 x 8
He just had a short way to travel this morning and made it safe and sound to his destination where he'll hang out for the entire week.  He sent a rare "selfie" - looking a little "bad-ass" in my opinion or maybe just tired!  nah, let's go with bad-ass!!  haha

A Rare Selfie! 
The campground was spacious and he has everything set up and is ready to roll!  

So many great places to paint in Door County - in one direction, they have the water and piers all the way around the outside - Lake Michigan on one side to the east and Green Bay to the West.  Then inland, beautiful barns, green grass, then every now and again, you drive through these tall pine trees that make you think you're at the top of Boulder Mountain in Southern Utah!  Crazy and diverse landscape.  Can't wait to see where he goes in the morning.

Good luck, hun!!  Praying for good weather and great inspiration!!  


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wet Paint a thousand miles away!

So we use this app that's called 'Find My Friends" which allows us to see where your 'friends" are at any given time!  Yeah kinda stalker-ish!!  Doug's GPS "voice" somehow took a little sabbatical and he and the map on the phone aren't super tight!  So thank goodness for the Stalker App - I kinda stalked him the whole way and sure enough, he made it to Wisconsin just fine!!  Whew!!  I'm not gonna lie - I'm relieved - today was the day he got off I-80 and had to meander through cities and cross rivers.  He doesn't really need me - but I like feeling like he does!!

Here's the painting he did this morning!  I requested a barn!  Here's what I got!!

"Iowa Horizon"
6 x 8

Love it!!  Just heard from him . . . he's kicking back and apparently enjoying the welcome wagon!!  Ahhh - tender!    

And to quote him:  "And what you can't hear is the cow bell and old car horn - aaaaa OOOOOOO GA!!!"  That is hilarious . . .   Welcome to Wisconsin, Mr. Famous Doug Braithwaite - Plein Air Painter of all!  I kinda know how he's feeling - ya know, being Miss Garfield County and all - I get a parade like that when I go to Escalante . . . I'm kinda a big deal!  bahahah!!  Jeanette who??  yeah . . .  

Things on the homefront are fine - the garden delivered it's first cucumber today!!  Woot Woot!!  Wesley is in charge of watering both the shop - garden, flowers and everything here at the house as well.  Bless his little heart!  He's a gem!!  

Thought I'd share one of Ryan's little paintings from a couple of weeks ago as well.  Great little painting in Ogden.  

Just off 24th Street in Ogden
by Ryan Braithwaite
8 x 10
It's for sale!!  
Have a great evening everyone!  See you in the morning!!  


Friday, July 18, 2014

Wet Paint and a Hundred Bucks a Pop!

Early morning took Doug to an all-too-familiar sight that he says is "a hundred bucks a pop!"  "Wow," I'm thinking, "he's a big spender!!"  hahaha

"Fillin' Up"
8 x 10
Yep, 25 gallon tank at four bucks a gallon = $100 bucks a pop!

Part of his fun today was the nasty accident on the freeway that stopped traffic completely for an hour and a half!!  Now, when you're a great water-drinker like Doug is, and you're on a hot freeway, you go through a couple of water bottles in nothing flat.  Stopping for your "hundred dollar" fill-up always has a welcome restroom!!  So, sitting on the freeway for an hour and a half, one goes from "I gotta go" to "I'm dyin here!!" pretty fast!  Sorry for the painful delay, hun!  Hope those kidneys are okay!!

Just talked to him and he's near Iowa City.  Said it's beautiful and anxious to get us another little painting in the morning.

Sleep well, darlin!

Gnite all!!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wet Paint and Keys on the Seat in Ogillala!

"Hey Hon!  I'm here at Shopko to get a spare key made and I, uh, locked my keys in the truck.  They're on the seat!"  Ahh, what Doug won't do to make me feel needed!!  Had roadside assistance on speed dial and within the hour, the keys are off the seat and and back in the ignition!  Thank you Geico!!

Good memories of Ogillala that make us smile!  Here's the painting he did this morning:

"Memories of Ogillala"
8 x 10
Beautiful, Doug.  Really captures the morning and great composition.  Sorry I'm so late in posting this, but, uh, I was working.  Yeah, let's go with that!

Golf game with Tim and Staci Kendell and Doug's fill-in - our oldest son, Ryan! 
What a great time!!  Sorry Doug, you kinda missed the tee time!  and besides, you were having fun making memories in Ogillala . . . I was kinda jealous of that too, ya know!  

He was making his way to West Omaha tonight - pretty sure he's there so we'll see what we get tomorrow!!

good night!!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Plein Air Trippin' Day 1: Wyoming Sky 6 x 8

Here's the first one - and it's amazing!!  

From Doug:

"here is the morning's piece called Wyoming Sky.  It's a 6x8.  Crazy weather with on and off rain.  This is a view from my trailer of the freeway.  Kinda typical for Wyoming, I guess!  Hope this comes through alright - wifi for my computer is very slow - I may try and paint again tonight if I get to my next stop at a decent time.  Ogillala Nebraska.  Love you, Doug"

"Wyoming Sky"
6 x 8
Ahh, tender!!  Yes, Ogillala, Nebraska!  Good times!  Can't wait to see what it looks like there.  

Drive safe, hun!!  Love you too!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wet Paint and Plein Air Trippin'! GO!!

And . . . he's off!!!  The plein-air trippin' has officially started!!  Can't believe the time is already here.  I always cry when he leaves and he probably cries because he'll wonder what project I'm going to take on while he's gone . . . I think he's probably pretty scared wondering what will be changed in the house when he returns!  bahaha!!  Oh, let's just make him wonder!!

So anywho, he will be up bright and early at the crack of dawn, painting a little somethin somethin in the morning!  Can't wait to see what he comes up with!!  He got a little practice in up in Midway and Heber a couple of weeks ago--always a favorite place to paint!  This one won 2nd Place Overall.  People were like "plein air?  This is plein air??"

"Park City Puzzle"
16 x 12
Yes, plein air!!  I know - how does he do this?  This one took 3 morning sessions on the parking terrace in Park City - luckily the weather stayed consistent.  Loved it - and there wasn't really anything else like this in the competition . . . I know, shocking, huh?  

This one won the 2nd Place Purchase Award from Zion's Bank.  Nice choice, Zion's!  

"Fourth of July Sparklers"
11 x 14
The week was full of great subject matter and perfect lighting listen to me . . . good lighting . . and long shadows . . . Oh I'm getting this painterly talk down . . . Check these out and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about here!  

"The Letter Z"
8 x 10
11 x 14
8 x 10
11 x 14
Haha!  Most people would leave out the posts . . . not Doug - awesome posts . . . and what an awesome week in Midway and Heber.  I went up on Tuesday to hang out and we really enjoyed rubbing shoulders with a lot of great artists up there, AND checking out all the fun shops on main street.  That's fun too!!   

He then had a week to get ready for his road trip and in the midst of getting 20 boards and frames ready to go, we got to enjoy a little "Wicked" family outing!  Yes, we do enjoy a little wicked now and again!!  Last fall, I did some work for an attorney friend of mine and when he paid me, I just turned around and bought 8 tickets to Wicked!  Total surprise to the family.  What a blast!  Dinner at Cheesecake Factory just before the show and then . . . Holy Wicked Awesome, Batman!!  I'm not gonna lie--I had ultimate high expectations and, no, I wasn't the least disappointed.  I had cold chills from the get go.  

Okay - the "Trippin" pricing starts now!  Anything posted from now through August 4th or 5th (whenever Doug returns) will be "wet paint priced!"  Text, call or email me if you're ready to start or add to your Braithwaite painting collection!!  Can I MAKE this any easier to be a Braithwaite collector??  Here's a picture of me being very serious about selling awesome paintings . . . and also having mustache day at work in honor of one of our team members who has a mustache just like this . . . yeah, it's what I do . . . 

The top painting is at Terzian Gallery (Park City Puzzle) so that one is excluded, but everything else, not showing "sold" is game!  

Talk soon!  I'm serious!  

J'net 'n Jeff holdin' the fort down . . .